How Impede Technology Works

3Impede® Technology Disrupts Extraction and Conversion
of PSE to Meth

How it Works

Crushed pseudoephedrine (PSE) tablets are easily dissolved in water or other liquids, and filtered to obtain purified PSE.

Impede technology incorporates a unique polymer matrix of inactive ingredients that form a thick gel that, in independent laboratory tests, has been shown to disrupt the extraction and conversion of PSE into methamphetamine.1

What You Should Know about Impede Technology

  • Disrupts the extraction and conversion of PSE to methamphetamine
  • Ingredients do not affect product efficacy or safety
  • Rigorous independent laboratory testing

Common methods of PSE conversion1

  • Two large-scale methods are used to extract, purify and isolate the PSE from the tablets prior to converting the pure drug into methamphetamine
  • In a third small-scale method, known as the "one-pot" or direct conversion method, the tablets react with other ingredients without first isolating the PSE

Nexafed independent laboratory results1

  • In the two large-scale extraction methods, no measurable quantity of PSE could be detected using a range of aqueous and organic solvents
  • In the direct conversion or "one-pot" method, Nexafed yields about half the measurable methamphetamine compared to other tablets on the market